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  A lively, informative bi-monthly newsletter, filled with up-to-the-minute developments regarding military matters and legislative issues which may affect you and your peers in the military community.

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USAA Preferred Provider of Investments and Life Insurance

Membership Benefits

Membership has its perks . . .

As an AMS Member, you receive many benefits and services beyond AMS’ legislative endeavors. AMS membership programs represent some of the best money-saving services available today — programs chosen for their high quality and low cost.

Enjoy substantial savings on dental visits and insurance needs and discounts on consumer products and services with our membership benefits.

For more extensive information about membership benefits and AMS insurance programs click on the related link.
AMS Automobile Insurance
With Liberty Mutual's LibertyGuard auto insurance, you're covered.  Request a free, no-obligation rate quote to find out more about the program and its competitive rates. It's easy. MORE INFO>>

Homeowners Insurance
With Liberty Mutual's LibertyGuard home insurance, you're covered.  Get a free quote, understand coverages, and keep your home safe. On top of our low rates, the AMS Homeowners Insurance Program from Liberty Mutual is packed full of value. MORE INFO>>
AMS Visa® Platinum Card
Our credit card program allows you to support AMS and our important initiatives, plus earn valuable benefits and rewards for yourself. It’s easy and convenient to help our cause simply by using our Visa card for your everyday purchases. Plus, choose from two unique card designs.


• No annual fee

• 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for the first six billing cycles*

• Visa’s Zero Liability protection for unauthorized purchases*

To apply and show your support for AMS and the causes it represents, CLICK HERE.

*Click on the product name for terms and conditions on our Visa Platinum, Cash Rewards and Select Rewards cards

AMS TRICARE Standard Supplement Plan
This Plan guarantees your acceptance, subject to pre-existing condition limitations, at affordable group rates. It pays your medical cost-shares, after any deductible, and 100% of all eligible excess charges. A valuable “Survivor’s Benefit” pays the coverage for your Spouse and any dependent Children for as long as 5 years after you’ve passed on! And there’s a special discount dental, vision, and hearing care benefit to save you even more.

The AMS TRICARE Standard Supplement Plan includes the Member Assistance Program (MAP). MAP provides AMS insureds with the help they need when life’s demands begin to feel overwhelming. Whether you have family issues, financial questions, legal needs, or work-related concerns, MAP is there for you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

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AMS TRICARE Prime Super+Supplement Plan
So many users of the TRICARE Prime option told us they were worried about how fast their co-payments for medical care mounted up that AMS decided to introduce a “super” supplement, not only to pay all the usual “in-network” co-payments but also to pay all “out-of-network” co-payments!

This AMS Super+Supplement doesn’t stop there, either. It even saves Members a great deal on all dental, vision, and hearing care as well! AMS TRICARE Prime Super+Supplement Plan is fully convertible to AMS TRICARE Standard Supplement for any reason whatsoever, should your needs change, with no further preexisting conditions requirement, if coverage has been in effect 12 months or more. And, this Plan includes the Member Assistance Program (MAP). MORE INFO>>

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Medicare Supplement Plans
The AMS Plans pick up where the Federal Medicare Program stops paying. Since Congress standardized all Medicare Supplement into 10 specific plans of coverage, it is important to shop carefully for your much-needed supplemental protection. AMS sponsorship assures you of rock-bottom rates and top-notch service no matter where you live.

• Wide Range of Standardized Plans
• New Smoker and Non-Smoker Rates
• No Rate Increase Based Solely on Age/Health
• Affordable Group Rates
• No Physical Exam or Health Questions During Open Enrollment Period
• Lifetime Protection

Please call Transamerica Life Insurance Company at 1-800-749-6983 to request an information kit.

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AMS Long-Term Care Insurance Plan
“More than 50% of Americans are expected to need some form of long term care, either home care or institutional care, at some point in their lives, according to the Health Insurance Association of America.”

As life expectancies increase, there is a greater chance that people will require long term care. Such care is provided when someone can no longer independently carry out essential everyday activities like eating, bathing, dressing, etc. Most people think of long-term care as something needed by older people, but accident or illness can strike someone of any age. When it does, they too may find themselves in need of assistance. People tend to think they will never need long term care. Unfortunately when they do need it, they are not prepared. With long term care insurance you can take control and be prepared. MORE INFO>>

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AMS Cancer Protector Plan
Modern medical treatments may be saving lives, but the cost of these life-saving procedures is incredibly high! AMS sponsors a Plan to help cover these costs. Members and eligible family dependents are guaranteed acceptance, if no cancer has been diagnosed in the last 10 years. The Plan pays in-hospital or out-of hospital benefits, up to $6,000 a month extended benefits, optional hospital confinement benefits, survivor benefits…and much more. There are no age limits for Member or Spouse. And, payments go to you!

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AMS Dental Plan
With this Plan, you can continue to use your own dentist and still be covered for routine cleanings, preventive care, and almost every form of dental treatment. Members and eligible family dependents are guaranteed acceptance at low group rates!

AMS Members should be extremely pleased to learn that they still have a better deal with the AMS Dental Plan compared to the TRICARE Retiree Dental Program. The AMS Dental Plan is more affordable for almost every Member and their dependents. Along with the AMS Dental Plan being less costly, there are also some other very significant differences in the two programs. For example, the AMS Plan costs the same for Members and their families regardless of where you live while the premium rates for TRDP fluctuates according to your home zip code. Also, enrollment in the AMS Plan is month-to-month while enrollees in the TRDP must commit to an initial enrollment period of 12-months. We encourage you compare and see how much you can save by enrolling in the AMS Dental Plan.

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AMS Senior Term Life Insurance Plan
Social Security alone may not support your retirement even though more and more businesses have scraped their pension plans. That leaves life insurance as an important tool to help ensure the financial future of your loved ones.

AMS Senior Term Life Insurance is an economical way to provide extra protection for your family. You can purchase coverage up to $100,000 at premiums negotiated especially for AMS members. The amount of coverage you are eligible to purchase depends upon your age at issue. Includes FREE registration in the Final Neds Document Registry and your own copy of the The Final Needs Planning Guide.

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