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Why AMS? | Who Can Join AMS? | Legislative Representation | Objectives | Our Pledge

Why AMS?
Many people ask that question when an invitation is extended to them to join. And it’s a fair question!

First and foremost, you need an association to accomplish what you cannot accomplish alone. It’s a fact that in Washington, D.C., the politicians count numbers. They listen to the groups with large memberships, because they know that’s where the votes are.

In addition, they rely on associations for information and expertise they themselves do not have. That’s why AMS is so important to you and to our elected officials.

AMS represents all ranks, branches, and components of the uniformed services, including spouses, widows, and widowers. We are committed to caring for, and fighting for, our courageous men and women of all the uniformed—services active duty, retired, National Guard, Reserve, and former uniformed services men and women and their families.

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Who Can Join AMS?
General Membership is open to all present or former military personnel who have served their country honorably, regardless of grade and component of the uniformed services of the United States.

Associate Membership is open to any individual who supports the aims and purposes of AMS. JOIN NOW >>

Sustaining Membership is open to business entities, professional firms, corporations, local governments, civic groups, veterans organizations and societies that support the aims, the objectives, and the purposes of the Society. JOIN NOW >>

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Legislative Representation
AMS represents your interests in Congress, at the White House, the Veterans Administration, and the Department of Defense. We monitor proposed legislation, utilizing the latest in computer technology, and we lobby and educate members of Congress and Pentagon officials on behalf of our members.

Participation by the people is the key to good government. AMS amplifies your voice and your participation, so your voice is sure to be heard. When you work through AMS, you can have a great impact on the issues that concern you.

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The objectives of the AMS are:

• To support a national defense that will protect the security of the United States.

• To support a defense budget that will provide modern and sufficient equipment so that our military personnel can safely and effectively accomplish their mission.

• To educate the public and members of Congress about the uniformed services and their most important asset, its people.

• To give voice to our members’ concerns about military pay, health care, pension and disability, survivor benefits, education, housing, child care, and other quality-of-life programs.

And while we fight for the benefits you were promised and that you earned as a military retiree, we do so much more.

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Our Pledge
Service in our nation’s Armed Forces is more than just a series of decisions and choices about jobs. Life in the military is a major change in lifestyle for its members and their families.

The requirements of a profession that demands sacrifice, personal risk, and dedication to the American ideal of freedom makes service in the armed forces unique. That’s why the American Military Society is proud to be an organization that is dedicated to fighting to protect the benefits that were promised to those who proudly have worn the uniform of our nation, and to ensure that those now serving have the quality of life they were promised and the equipment they need to do their jobs.

AMS recognizes the many sacrifices you and your family have made. Unfortunately, many of our political leaders don’t have any understanding about life in the military. In fact, there are now fewer members of Congress with military experience than at any time since World War II. AMS works in Washington, D.C., to educate members of Congress and their staffs so they’ll understand the hardships military people must endure. In short, we are there to represent YOU.

You have every right to be proud of your service to America. And you also have every right to expect our leaders to keep the promises that were made to you. AMS is fighting to make sure they do.

Of course, we also offer you some of the best and most affordable membership benefits and services available from any military association in the nation.

That’s why we hope you’ll make the decision to join with us and help us fight to protect your future. JOIN NOW >>

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