Active Duty, Guard and Reserve Issues

  • Won 1.6% military pay raise to match private sector pay growth.
  • Won requirement for DoD to prescribe dwell time requirements and track compliance.
  • Won prohibition of administrative separation for medical conditions previously cleared by physical evaluation board.
  • Won extension of voluntary separation pay authority through 2018.
  • Won skills/transition training for service members approaching separation date.
  • Improved reemployment rights protection for National Guard members.
  • Won requirement for DoD report on potential expansion of Homeowner Assistance Program.
  • Won transition services upgrades for separating service members.

Health Care

  • Blocked 27% cut in Medicare and TRICARE payments.
  • Won provision limiting percentage increases in TRICARE Prime fees to COLA percentage.
  • Won requirement for person-to-person pre- and post-deployment mental health assessments. Upgraded transitional health benefits for separating members and families.
  • Won provisions aimed at reducing stigma associated with mental health evaluations.
  • Won new authority for DoD to enter public-private partnerships to treat wounded warriors.

Retirement and Survivor Issues

  • Authorized voluntary retirement incentive for members with 20+ years.
  • Authorized Temporary Early Retirement Authority for members with 15-19 years.
  • Expanded death gratuity protections for Reserve members on inactive duty training.
  • Required GAO review of space-available travel options for current ineligible retirees/survivors.
  • Won requirement for DoD report on expedited process for disability determinations.
  • Won requirement for DoD report on consolidating service disability evaluation systems.

Veterans and Other Issues

  • Won requirement for DoD report on education programs for members and spouses.
  • Won requirement for GAO report on programs to promote military spouse employment.
  • Won extension of employer tax incentives for hiring unemployed veterans.
  • Re-opened educational/training benefits for older unemployed veterans.